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It feels like it has better ventilation compared to the Barricades and I think this is due to the tongue and the lace eyelets which allow a bit of air through to help with the breathability. Infos livraison. J'avoue que je peux pas répondre avec certitude. Their quality shoe has dropped off significantly for the Vapors, in comparison of a few years ago. Comfort aside, you will be more nimble on the court in these, so from that perspective alone they are probably worth the upgrade and where the technology kicks in. Not as technologically advanced as the 9.

Infos pratiques. Infos livraison Infos paiement Conditions de vente Formulaire de rétractation. Objets de la Galerie. Here is a summary of the features Nike Zoom Vapor 9. A snug fit and unforgiving stability are expertly rounded off with highly reactive cushioning.

Nike zoom vapor 9.

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Dark Grey, Black, Aurora green. Padded collar provides extra comfort. Il n'en reste plus qu'un!

I go through about 6 pairs of shoes per year, never had an issue with the 9. Retours acceptés. Poids :. Zoom Air unit in the heel provides low-profile, responsive cushioning. Comparing these to the 9.

SIZE 6. Nike Zoom Air heel unit for low-profile cushioning.

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Faire une offre - Nike Zoom Vapor 9. Faire une offre - Nike Women's Zoom Vapor 9. Nike Roger Federer Zoom Vapor 9. Explorer les catégories. État tout afficher. Saisissez une catégorie de prix valide. Format d'achat tout afficher. Toutes les annonces. Achat immédiat. Petites annonces. Changement de cordage. Notre parrain ATP. Nos partenaires. Légère et rapide, cette chaussure premium vous permettra de dicter le jeu de vos adversaires en jouant confortablement!

Avec sa nouvelle languette apportant un meilleur ajustement, cette chaussure rapide, stylée et stable vous permettra de jouer en toute confiance tout soeur sourire lesbienne vous offrant énormément de confort. Passez la vitesse supérieure avec cette chaussure rapide et stylée composée d'une tige légère et respirante. Elle est chargée d'énergie pour permettre aux joueurs de repousser leurs limites!

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Légère et rapide, cette chaussure est idéale pour les joueuses recherchant stabilité, soutien et adhérence sur les courts de padel. If you're looking for the same fit as the Vapor 9. The wide version arrived today and the fit is much better, however we are limited to only the plain white shoe.

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The main differences in the X from the 9. Aside from the outside, the differences are minimal. Would like to see Nike reconsider its width decision with the Vapor 11 if we ever see it.

  • It's always tough to switch to a new generation of a shoe but props to Nike for getting this one right.
  • This shoe is softer and it really does fit like a glove.
  • I have a narrow heal and average front foot.
  • I only play on hard court, and here they work very well for me.
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In the meantime, more colorways would be appreciated for Vapor X Wide. Comments: These shoes seem similar to the Vapor 9. In fact, just from walking around my kitchen I knew these shoes would cause a blister if I were to play tennis.


So I returned them and now I am waiting for the wide version to arrive. Comments: Got my new Xs last week and I'm all in. It's always tough to switch to a new generation of a shoe but props to Nike for getting this one right. The shoe feels much faster but almost just as stable as the 9. They're even a little easier to slide with on an indoor hard court. No big signs of wear after about 10 hours of play. Not as technologically advanced as the 9.

The X is def narrower but I'm playing in the same size. If your 9.

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Can't wait for the new colors! And significantly lighter.


But they are snugger. The toe is not as 'long' -- it is more rounded and definitely snugger in the arch area. Like the styling, they have a high tech look. Wore them out for a short walk to break them in, but as Madison Keys said -- it's not necessary, they're ready to go out of the box.

Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 Tour Shoe Review

Got on court Saturday; felt great. The new sole design really gives grip, even at daybreak when the hard courts are a little moist.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor 10 Clay Tennis Shoe Review

The rubber bottom felt harder, so I'm optimistic they'll last. And the lightness is really obvious once you start going side to side -- like playing in socks. Comments: Returned my size 10 after wearing them in my home for just a few minutes.

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The forefoot is similar to the 9. They are light but overall, not as nice a fit as the 9. Comments: I tried these on today at the local tennis store.

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Comparing these to the 9. The sizes also run the same as the 9. Cons - Much narrower this time around causing a tighter fit. My recommendation would be to purchase the 'wide' version of the shoe as it's closer to the 9. La largeur est moyenne. Ma liste d'envies. Avis des clients Donnez-nous votre avis. Taille :.

I ordered this shoe also in size ten and have the following comments: A size 10 without my orthotic feels very snug and narrow through the toe box, and good and snug in the heal with no slippage. Changement de cordage. Infos livraison Infos paiement Conditions de vente Formulaire de rétractation. I hope Nike is reading all these reviews and listens to folks on here. Better heel cushioning than the previous versions.

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Semelle intercalaire sur toute la longueur en Phylon et unité Nike Zoom à profil bas au talon pour un amorti performant, plus près du sol. Rainures flexibles profondes pour une plus grande articulation et des mouvements naturels.

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